18 key development areas of polymer materials in the next decade

2023-01-06 08:20

18 key development areas of polymer materials in the next decade

Made in China 2025 focuses on economic and social development and major national security needs, selects 10 advantages and strategic industries as breakthrough points, and strives to reach the international leading position or international advanced level by 2025. Ten key areas are: new generation information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical equipment.

In order to point out the development trend and key points of the ten key areas and guide the innovation activities of enterprises, the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee specially organized the preparation of the "made in China 2025" key area technology roadmap, which mentioned the projects directly related to polymer materials as follows:

1. Coating for reducing hull friction resistance

We will focus on breaking through new high-performance drag reduction coating technology and air lubrication drag reduction technology at the bottom of the ship.

2. Low temperature materials and cold proof equipment

Focus on the research and development of low-temperature start-up and sealing technology for core hydraulic components such as low-temperature materials, pumps, valves, etc. applicable to polar navigation ships.

3. Lightweight body

Realize the breakthrough of composite / hybrid material technology and reduce the cost. The application rate of composite / hybrid material in new energy vehicles is up to 30%, and the autonomous rate is over 50%.

4. High performance polyolefin material

Industrial production technologies such as high melt index polypropylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, foamed polypropylene and polybutene-1 (PB) were broken through to realize large-scale application.

5. Polyurethane resin

Focus on the development of environmental friendly polyurethane materials, such as waterborne polyurethane materials, and accelerate the development of aliphatic isocyanates and other raw materials.

6. Fluorosilicone resin

Focus on the development of polyvinylidene fluoride, pet, other fluorine resin, silicone resin, silicone oil, etc.

7. Special synthetic rubber

Focus on the development of isoprene rubber and the development of isoprene synthesis with isobutylene; the development of silicone rubber, solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber and rare earth CIS butadiene rubber; the development of halobutyl, hydrogenated butyronitrile and other rubber with special properties.

8. Bio based synthetic materials

The key technologies of bio based rubber synthesis, bio based aromatics synthesis, bio based nylon preparation, new bio based plasticizer synthesis and application, bio based polyurethane preparation, bio based polyester preparation, bio based chemical raw materials preparation, etc.

9. Bio based light industrial materials

Focus on the development of PLA, PBS, pet, PTT, PHA, PA and other products. The optical purity of L-lactate and D-lactate, the key monomers of PLA, is more than 99.9%, and the cost is reduced by 20%; the biotransformation rate of PBS, 1,4-butanediol and 1,3-propanediol are increased by 5-10%; the production of PTT, the key monomers of PTT, is fermented with non grain raw materials such as cassava starch and glycerin, and PTT fiber is polymerized and spun to realize industrialization; the purity of glutamine sulfate, the key monomers of PA, is higher than 99%, and the cost is increased Down 20%.

10. Special engineering plastics

Focus on the development of thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin, heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK), high-end fluoroplastics processing and forming of special fiber, filter material, high-temperature functional film, high-performance resin matrix composite, high-temperature insulation material, high-temperature functional coating, high-temperature special adhesive. Thermoplastic polyimide engineering plastic resin, viscosity 0.38dl/g, TG = 230-310 ℃, Td5% > 500 ℃, tensile strength > 100MPa, bending strength > 150mp, cost < 150000 / T; heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin, TG = 263-305 ℃, tensile strength 90-122mpa, tensile modulus 2.4-3.8gpa, volume resistivity 3.8-4.8 × 1016 Ω· cm, cost reduced to 50-70% of peek. Main performance indicators of high-end fluoroplastics: ultra pure fluoroplastics products: PTFE solid performance density SSG ≤ 2.147g/cm3, PTFE resin tensile strength > 28Mpa, elongation > 350%, insulation strength > 3.5kv/mil. Meet the requirements of C12 in semi standard; high and low temperature resistant fluorine material functional membrane, special fluorine fiber and filter products: meet the requirements of high-end environmental protection, PTFE resin requires compression ratio > 3000, tensile strength > 28Mpa, elongation > 360%; PVDF resin for oil gas and chemical fluid transmission pump, valve and pipeline requires density of 1.75-1.77g/cm3, melting point of 0.5-2.0g/10min, melting point of 156-165 ℃, thermal decomposition temperature ≥ 390 ℃, water content ≤ 0.10%, glass temperature ≤ - 35 ℃, embrittlement temperature ≤ - 62 ℃.

11. Advanced textile materials

(1) High end industrial textiles

In 2020, it will realize the independent industrialization of absorbable suture and hemodialysis materials, partially replace the imported products; meet the functional protection requirements of heat, biochemistry, static electricity and radiation; meet the requirements of various application fields for the performance of high-temperature filtration and water filtration products; and meet the construction requirements of complex geological environment for the geotechnical materials. In 2025, it will meet the requirements of multi-functional composite protection, realize light, comfortable and partial intelligence, further improve the service life and stability of filter products, and realize the combination of low-cost application and intelligent monitoring and early warning functions.

(2) New functional textile materials

In 2020, the ultimate oxygen index of flame retardant is more than 32, there is no droplet, the diffusion time of water drop is less than 1s, and the energy consumption is reduced by 20%. In 2025, the high-end products will be basically self-sufficient.

(3) Bio based chemical fiber

In 2020, the purity of 1,3-propanediol is more than 99.5%, and the cost is controlled below 15000 yuan / ton; the heat-resistant temperature of PLA ≥ 110 ℃, the purity of monomer ≥ 99.9%, the breaking strength of PLA fiber is more than 3.5g/d, and the breaking elongation is 30% - 35%. In 2025, the production cost of PLA fiber is close to that of pet.

12. High performance separation membrane material

(1) Reverse osmosis membrane products for seawater desalination

Desalination rate is more than 99.8%, water flux is increased by 30%, desalination project reaches 2 million tons / day, and equipment localization rate is more than 80%.

(2) Ceramic film products

The loading density is over 300m2 / m3, the cost is reduced by 20%, and the demand is up to 200000 m2. The low-temperature CO sintering technology is broken through to form the air lift membrane separation equipment, and the energy consumption is reduced by 30%.

(3) Ion exchange membrane products

The performance of the membrane was improved by 20%, and the industrial application of chlor alkali exceeded 10 million tons, breaking through the new technology and complete set of equipment for chlor alkali production by the whole membrane method.

(4) Hollow fiber membrane products

More than 10 million tons / day are applied in the fields of tap water production and sewage treatment, and the membrane area is more than 20 million m2.

(5) Pervaporation membrane products

The permeate flux is increased by 20% and the membrane area is up to 100000 m2. The application technology of large-scale membrane unit and membrane integration is broken through, and the application scale is promoted to more than one million tons of solvent dehydration and recovery, saving more than 30% energy.

13. High performance fibers and composites

(1) High performance carbon fiber and Its Composites

In 2020, the technical maturity of domestic high-strength carbon fiber and its composite materials will reach level 9, realizing large-scale application in automobile, high-tech ship and other fields; in 2025, the technical maturity of domestic high-strength medium modulus, high modulus high-strength carbon fiber and its composite materials will reach level 9; strive to obtain CAAC / F for some key components of aviation carbon fiber composite materials before 2025, combined with the research and development process of domestic large aircraft AA / EASA and other airworthiness certification. Carbon fiber (T800 grade) tensile strength ≥ 5.8gpa, CV ≤ 4%, tensile modulus 294gpa, CV ≤ 4%.

(2) High performance para aramid fiber and Its Composites

In 2025, the technical maturity of domestic para aramid fiber and its composites will reach level 9.

Establish a unified standard technical system of high-performance fiber materials, overcome the industrialization technology of series high-performance fiber efficient preparation, carry out research on composite matrix materials, design technology, molding process, performance characterization, application verification and recycling matching with domestic high-performance fiber, and ensure the major equipment demand. The breaking strength of para aramid fiber is 20-22cn / dtex, the elongation at break is 3-4%; the monofilament size of polyimide fiber is 2.0dtex, the strength is > 4cn / dtex, and the ultimate oxygen index is 38%.

(3) Other high performance fibers and their composites

Focus on the development of advanced metal based and ceramic based composite materials, components and related process equipment; polyimide fiber with a monofilament size of 2.0dtex, strength > 4cn / dtex, and limit oxygen index of 38%; UHMWPE fiber, basalt fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, high-strength and high modulus polyvinyl formal fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, silicon carbide fiber and other important varieties; development High performance PBO fiber, tensile strength 5.8gpa, modulus 270gpa, ultimate oxygen index 68%.

14. A new generation of biomedical materials

(1) Regenerative medicine products

5-10 kinds of bioactive materials for bone, skin, nerve and other tissue regeneration and repair have been developed. The annual production scale of high-end regenerative medical products is 5 billion yuan.

(2) Functional implant / intervention products

We have developed 5-10 biomedical materials for clinical treatment of cardiovascular, artificial joints, implant teeth, visual restoration, etc., with an annual output of 3 billion yuan for high-end functional implant / intervention products.

(3) Medical raw materials

Realize the localization of important raw materials, support a wide range of medical consumables, osmotic membranes, degradable devices and other products, and achieve an annual output of 3 billion yuan.

15. Materials for 3D printing

(1) Other 3D printing special materials

Break through the industrial preparation technology applicable to 3D printing materials, and establish the relevant material product standard system.

(2) Manufacturing technology of medical additive (3D printing technology)

Implantable materials and modification technology suitable for 3D printing technology, carbon nano and graphene medical materials technology, comprehensive solutions for personalized manufacturing, including detection, computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, etc.

16. Intelligent bionics and metamaterials

(1) Controllable metamaterials and equipment

Realize the controllable conversion of electromagnetic wave from absorbing wave to transmitting wave in specific frequency band, or convert absorbing wave or transmitting wave in specific frequency band to radiating electromagnetic wave.

(2) Biomimetic biological adhesion regulation and separation materials

To achieve long-term anti adhesion of marine organisms (3 years, less than 5%), environment is harmless; to achieve high-efficiency enrichment and separation of adhesion regulation over 99%; to obtain 2-3 long-term bionic anti adhesion coating materials and bionic high-efficiency separation technology and equipment.

(3) Flexible intelligent materials and wearable devices

The production of flexible bionic intelligent material "roll to roll" is realized, which is electromagnetic adjustable, intelligent sensor, 0-360 degree arbitrary bending and compatible with human body. The overall breakthrough is the large-area preparation and coating adhesion technology of biomimetic biological adhesion control and separation materials; the flexibility, large-area preparation and biocompatibility technology of intelligent materials; the joint design technology of self-adaptive controllable super materials with intelligent and biomimetic characteristics.

17. Graphene material

(1) Graphene based electrode materials for lithium batteries of electric vehicles

Compared with the existing materials, the charging time is shortened by more than one time, and the endurance mileage is increased by more than one time.

(2) Graphene based anticorrosive coatings for Marine Engineering

Compared with the traditional anticorrosive coating, the service life of the coating is longer than 1 time.

(3) Graphene film for flexible electron

It can be widely used in the field of flexible electronics.

(4) Graphene based high performance thermal interface materials for optical / electrical applications

The properties of graphene based heat dissipating materials are more than 2 times higher than those of existing products.

Overall breakthrough in the scale of graphene preparation technology, graphene powder dispersion technology, graphene based electrode material composite technology.

18、 Advanced medical equipment

(1) Large heavy ion / proton tumor treatment equipment, image guided radiotherapy equipment, high-definition electronic endoscope


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